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( IV)

New DB cluster. Submitted by BootsMan

My server room. Submitted by BootsMan

Submitted by Alexander

Happy Sys Admin Day! Submitted by Alexander

Submitted by Dmitriy

Submitted by Drehen

Submitted by Eberhard

Submitted by Johannes

Submitted by Alexandre - Hamburg, Germany

submitted by Alexei - Moscow, Russia

submitted by Andy

It's a "Sys Admin Day" party! Submitted by Chris, Cathie, Eric, & Karen

submitted by "MacGyver"

Submitted by Mark, Brian, & Frank

Submitted by Sal

Submitted by SpeeD

That's a super cake!

submitted by Gabriel

Sys Admin Day Cake! Yummy! Yummy!
It's Chocolate! I feel the love!

Oh goodness, It's beautiful and delicious! Another Cake! You really do appreciate me!

Matching shirts and love all around!

Submitted by Tom

Tony's Desk, submitted by Tony

Happy Sys Admin Day! Vodka, black caviar, susi. Submitted

  : 16.08.2001  

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