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Program The updated version of the program you can find at the web site. It will be also given to you at the registration in handout materials.

5th of June, 2002

13.00 Beginning of the registration at Pulkovskaya hotel (Pobedy Square 1), Building 2, Turku-hall

13.30 American-Russian round table "Russian Nuclear Scientists on software development market

20.00 Welcoming cocktail in Restaurant Turku, Pulkovskaya hotel, building 2

From 17.00 - exhibitors are decorating their stands at Electronstandard exhibition center, right opposite Hotel Pulkovskaya (Pobedy Square 2). After the stand decoration all exhibitors are joining the cocktail party.

6th of June, 2002

Both conference and exhibition in Electronstandard Exhibition center

8.00 Registration

9.00 Plenary session (Red Congress hall, Electronstandard)

12.30 Lunch at Hotel Pulkovskaya (Turku restaurant, Building 2)

14.00 Opening of the exhibition, first match-making meetings at the stands and reserved tables (Exhibition Hall, Electronstandard)

14.30 Beginning of Panel 1 (Red Congress Hall, Electronstandard)

Beginning of Panel 2 (Blue hall, Electronstandard)

Press-conference of EPAm Systems (Green Hall, Electronstandard)

15.15 Press-conference of VIP guests of the Summit (Green Hall, Electronstandard)

16.00 Round table "Legal aspects of exporting software development products and services from Russia" (Green Hall, Electronstandard)

18.00 End of the Day 1. Departure from Electronstandard building to Anichkov Palace (busses will be provided)

19.30 Gala Dinner on behalf of the Organizing committee, Anichkov Palace (Nevsky 39)

22.00 Boat trip on Neva and canals (departure from Fontanka river embankment nearby Anichkov Palace, the group will be followed there by Organizing Groups representatives

7th of June 2002

Both conference and exhibition at Electronstandard Exhibition Center

9.00 Beginning of Panel 3 (Blue Hall, Electronstandard)

Beginning of Panel 4 (Green Hall, Electronstandard)

Beginning of Panel 5 (Small Hall, Electronstandard)

Beginning of Panel 7 (Red Congress Hall, Electronstandard)

12.30 Lunch at Hotel Pulkovskaya, restaurant Turku, building 2

14.00 Open training course in Project Management (Blue Hall, Electronstandard)

Beginning of Panel 6 (Green Hall, Electronstandard)

Continuation of Panel 7 (Red Congress Hall, Electronstandard)

14.30 Press-conference of RUSSOFT Association (Small Hall, Electonstandard)

16.00 Soft-Stock-Exchange (match-making meetings at the exhibition according to the schedule)

18.30 End of the Day

20.00 Extra cultural program - Mariinsky Theatre

8th of June 2002

10.30 Brunch reception of behalf of Russian Digital Alliance (Pulkovskaya Hotel, restaurant Turku, building 2)

12.00 Extra cultural program visit to Peterhof

Conference venue

Please notify that the main conference and exhibition venue is Electronstandard Exhibition Center, a building right opposite Hotel Pulkovskaya (Plocshad Pobedy 2).


The exhibition is open from 9.00 till 18.00 on the 6th and 7th of June.

The move-in day is the 5th of June, from 17.00< the move-out days are both the 7th of June (from 19.00) and 8th of June.

The detailed plan of the exhibition will be provided in hand-out materials.

Match-making meetings

Match-making meetings will take place at the Exhibition Hall, Electronstandard) - either at the exhibition stands or at preliminary reserved tables (marked by a certain number). The preliminary meeting schedule has been sent to you already, but you will get the latest version at the registration.


The registration of participants will take place:

5th of May, from 13.00 - registration in Pulkovskaya, at Turku hall (building 2)

6th of May, from 8.00 - registration at Electronstandard


Because of many international conferences and governmental summits going on just in the beginning of June, we were not able to provide all of you with places at Pulkovskaya Hotel. Two main groups are staying at Pulkovskaya and Rossia hotels, but several are living at Sovetskaya and Neptun.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we beg your pardon for this inconvenience, but it is unfortunately one of the largest problems of white nights in St Petersburg.

Payments for Pulkovskaya and Rossia should be done to the Organizing Committee, for Sovetskaya and Neptun - directly to the hotels.

Cultural program

We will provide you with the following cultural and leisure program:

6th of June, 19.30 - Gala Dinner at Anichkov Palace, belonged to Russian Tsar family

6th of June, 22.00 - White nights by water (boat trip of Neva and canals)

Extra cultural program is:

7th of June, 22.00 - concert of the famous Russian opera singer Olga Borodina at Mariinsky theatre (tickets at Organizing Committee)

8th of June, 12.00 - visit to Peterhof, former residence of Peter the Great (tickets and information at Organizing Committee)

Mass media events

Mass media representatives were asked to get the accreditation before.

The registration of mass media will start at 8.00, 6th of June, along with the registration of the conference participants.

Press center will be working at the Exhibition hall on the 6th and 7th of June, from 9.00 till 18.00. More information about press events, press-releases and the list of accredited press you can get at the press center.


English-Russian simultaneous translation will be provided during plenary session and most of panels (besides Panel 5 and press-conference of RUSSOFT Association).

If you need help of interpreter during match-making meetings, please contact the Organizing Committee.


Coffee-breaks will be served at Electronstandard Exhibition center, on the first floor near the Congress Hall.

Lunches will be served at Pulkovskaya Hotel, Turku restaurant.


Please note that we are able to provide you with a transfer from or to the airport just if you have ordered it from us beforehand.

If you want to arrange a transfer on the spot - please contact the Organizing Committee for booking a taxi.


All payments for conference fees, transfers, cultural program should be done to the Organizing Committee.


To contact

You are welcome to contact us about all questions that you have, but please note that the Organizing Group is large and every person has responsibility for a concrete area.

Conference program Valentin Makarov, +7 812 314 43 36, mobile +7 812 938 21 59

Web site and catalogue Boris Anninsky, +7 812 314 43 36, mobile +7 812 959 14 71

Exhibition Dennis Spetsakov, +7 812 311 40 90, mobile +7 812 956 80 74

Hotel accommodation Maria Spetsakova, +7 812 314 43 36, mobile +7 812 918 91 40

Match-making meetings Vera Semyonova, +7 812 314 43 36, mobile +7 812 937 2616

Cultural program Maria Spetsakova

Payment Vera Semyonova, Maria Spetsakova

PR Maria Azarova, +7 812 311 40 90, mobile +7 812 932 76 57

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