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Software Outsourcing Summit 2002

We would like to attract the attention of all registered and potential Summit participants to two key note presentations of the Summit.

One is the presentation from Ian Marriott, Research Director of Gartner Group, responsible for external service providers area.

Another is open training course in management of outsourcing projects which will be done by Noel Kelly, Chief Technical Officer of ETP, The Structured Project Management Company, Ireland.

Here is more information about these two presentations.

"Offshore Services in Europe: Making the Advance" Ian Marriott (Gartner Group, USA) Speaker Information: Ian Marriott

Ian Marriott Research Director Ian Marriott is a research director in Gartner Research, where he is responsible for the external service provider area. His focus is on outsourcing with a particular emphasis on strategic sourcing, emerging markets, offshore outsourcing and the public sector. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Marriott worked for IBM Global Services EMEA. He has considerable experience in contract negotiation, service delivery and public sector issues, and has worked on large-scale outsourcing and system integration projects in various parts of the world. Presentation abstract: "Offshore Services in Europe: Making the Advance" This presentation aims to address some of the major questions and concerns of European companies in approaching offshore application services. First, we take a look at what kinds of services fall under the umbrella of offshore as well as the circumstances and motivations leading enterprises to use them. This includes a look at the various models of offshore services and how they are being adopted in Europe. Next, we turn to the question of references: the kinds of companies that are using offshore services and the kinds of engagements they are undertaking. To round out the view of the offshore market, we examine the kinds of companies providing offshore services and how they are going to market. Finally, the discussion turns to the practical aspects of adopting offshore services, focusing on the evaluation and selection process. To conclude, Gartner provides several critical success factors for engaging in offshore application services contracts. "Managing Outsourcing Projects and companies" Noel Kelly (Chief Technology Officer ETP, The Structured Project Management Company, Ireland)

ETP [Ireland] Ltd. is one of the worlds leading programme & project management companies specialising in improving the programme & project management capabilities of Financial Services, Information Technology, Software Development, Government & Public, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Localisation organisations. Project management specialist and author Fergus OConnell founded the company in 1992. Since the company was established, it has brought its common sense programme and project management approach to blue-chip clients on six continents. ETP's clients include Bank of Ireland, IONA Technologies, elan Corporation, Dell Computers, Goodyear, Nokia Group, Microsoft, Guinness Group, Kerry Foods and many others. ETP is currently acting as programme management consultants to a very high profile programme in Ireland - the Special Olympics 2003.

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