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Software Outsourcing Summit 2002


1. Exhibition news and new exhibition venue

2. Updated list of our partners

3. Some news about cultural program

1. Exhibition news and new exhibition venue

Great news - we do not have enough places in the old venue!

Organizing Committee has got quite a lot of applications for participation in the exhibition area. Even now the exhibition area covers more than 200 square meters netto. The exhibitors can be divided into three main groups: IT vendors, IT Associations and sponsors of the Summit.

That's why we were to extend our Summit and to move the exhibition, matchmaking and panels to the North-West Exhibition Center situated in the Electronstandart Institute right opposite to the Hotel Pulkovskaya at Pobedy Square (Victory Square).

The exhibition and the matchmaking area will be placed in the newly renovated fascinating exhibition hall, 1500 square meters. The stands will be built and equipped with modern exhibition constructions and furniture imported from Finland.

Every exhibiting company will get a standard stand, 6 square meters - 3 walls, information desk, a table and three chairs. Poster with the name of the company and technical part with hangers for clothes will be also provided. Some companies will build stand with their own design, but our designers are also available.

More information about the standard stand and exhibition construction you can get at the web site of our exhibition company, Alsima Expo,

Information about exhibition plan you can find at our web site,

In order to make the exhibition visited as much as possible, we will keep in Hotel Pulkovskaya just the Plenary Session (the first half of the Day 1), and then move all panels to Electronstandart. The matchmaking area will also be arranged in the exhibition hall. The exhibiting companies will have matchmaking meetings at their stands, and those companies which do not have stands, will use comfortable tables in the matchmaking area.

2. Updated list of our partners

Inforus Consortium ( joined the list of our partners. The president of Inforus, Andre Massalovich, will make a presentation during the Round Table dedicated to IT Associations in Russia.

BARTA, Bay Area Regional Technology Alliance,, will promote the Summit for Californian companies. Fort-Ross has signed Letter of Intent about partnership with them.

U.S.-Russian Chamber of Commerce will also be a partner of the Summit 2002. The President of Chamber, Mr Daniel Satinsky, attended the Summit last year and will do it again. He stressed that the program looks very attractive.

3. News about cultural program

Because our Summit takes place during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year in St Petersburg, so called White Nights, we will also make a special accent on the cultural program and networking opportunities during evenings and nights.

At the end of Day 1, the Grand Evening Reception will be organized in parade halls of Shuvalov Palace, on the embankment of Fontanka river. After the dinner accompanied with music and dancing, the boat trip along the rivers and canals will be offered for all participants.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in St Petersburg during the Summit!

Don't forget to visit our web site for more information

  : 05.04.2002  

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