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Company: SySoft
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Company description: SySoft Company was founded in 2002 by a group of high-qualified developers of applied and system software. The company profile is software development and testing, database projects execution, as well as turnkey projects implementation in the domain of industrial automation. Our company is implementing and is ready to implement projects of any level of complexity for Russian and international companies in the following spheres: System and Applied Software, High-Availability Systems and Real-time Operational Systems testing; BSP, LSP, drivers manufacturing, porting this kind of software to various cards and hardware platforms; Database management systems development, porting and design (relational, object-oriented, real-time databases, etc); Compilers, translators and source-code analyzers development and modification, as well as development of unique languages specially designed according to the customers needs, interpreter/compiler implementation Binary translation, emulation, software validation; Software porting from one platform to others, including source code conversion from to a different language and development of libraries emulating the functions of the source platform libraries and software emulators; SCADA software/hardware products development; Customer support and continuing development of the already developed software or software/hardware products.
Phones: +7 095 158 4644, +7 916 694 9249
Fax: +7 095 158 4644
Contact E-mail:;
Contact persons: Sergei E. Ivanov
Working languages: English  German 
Skills: Embedded OS, Real-time, operational systems, ,


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