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Company: Garant-Park-Internet
Web Site:
Company description: Development and maintenance of complex Internet systems: corporate intranet systems, information portals, publishing systems, e-business system, software products for the Internet, etc. Consulting in the field of Internet technologies. Web-integration. Web-hosting and application services (ASP). Scientific activity in the field of construction of text-through information retrieval systems.
Phones: +7 095 930-8958, 930-8959
Fax: +7 095 930-8814
Contact E-mail:
Contact persons: Anton Samokhvalov, chief projects manager. Vladimir Strelnikov, business development manager.
Certificates: Garant-Park-Internet is a technological partner of Microsoft and Oracle companies and has the following statuses: Microsoft Certified Partner, MS ASP Partner and Oracle Partner Program Member.
Awards: Company''''s achievements were more than once marked by various certificates and diplomas. So at the Fifth Russian Internet Forum Garant-Park-Internet was awarded the diploma "For Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Telecommunication Internet Technologies among System Integrators of the Russian Internet". In various ratings compiled by independent experts the company is listed in Top 5''''s and Top 10''''s of web-developers in Russia.
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