Looking to partner up with offshore development and R&D teams

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We are a leading business analytics consulting firm focusing on developing predictive analytical solutions for Marketing, Supply Chain and HR functions, as well as analytical consulting to companies in CPG, Retail, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries.

To facilitate our rapid expansion and take advantage of cost-effective global development, we are looking to tap into off-shore pool of analytical and programming talent. Specifically, we are looking to partner up with offshore development and R&D teams that have following skill sets:

  • PhD/Master degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, or other related discipline
  • In-depth experience with Applied Mathematics
  • Strong modeling skills, ability to develop analytical applications
  • Data mining, OLAP, Business Intelligence experience is a plus
  • Experience with broad range of advanced modeling methodologies, including: multivariate regression, non-linear regression, neural networks, optimization, etc.
  • Would prefer someone with exposure to creating business analytical applications. This can include logistical applications, marketing, customer analysis, behavior analysis, financial risk analysis, etc.
  • Desirable programming skills and experience: MatLab, SAS, C/C++, Borland C++ Builder, other related applications
  • Fluent English is a strong plus
  • Creativity and innovation highly appreciated!

If you have any connections to the organizations/teams or individuals with the above skill sets, I would much appreciate a referral.

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